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Welcome to the Wichita Renegades High School Lacrosse Team site!

If you are interested in playing, email: treasurer@wichitalacrosse.com to be added to the team email list.  Sign-up for the indoor season has been extended to 12/6/16.  This is a great opportunity to try out lacrosse.  Loaner gear is available.  See the indoor lacrosse tab for more information.

           2016 Wichita Conference Champions

                       2016 Senior Class

                    2016 Wichita Renegades

2016 Renegade season has ended.   If you are interested in playing lacrosse, please email: treasurer@wichitalacrosse.com or Coach Tim to get on the email list for updates on current activities. The Renegades are looking for players that want to play and that want to be part of a great team.  No experience is necessary to play.

The Wichita Renegades play in the newly formed Wichita Lacrosse League. The team is open to boys from any Wichita metro-area high school (Wichita, Derby, Maize, Goddard, Valley Center, Winfield, etc.).  No prior lacrosse experience is necessary!  If you want to play, we will get you started and teach you what you need to know!  If you are an 8th grader, we welcome you to practice with the high school team in the spring.  At this time, the league will not allow 8th graders to play in conference games.

Contact the coaches for more information or to sign up to join the team! See the 2016 Renegades schedule and results below!!
We are always looking for more players to be a part of the fun!  For more information or to be put on our mailing list, e-mail treasurer@wichitalacrosse.com and learn more about the Spring Heartland Lacrosse League season.  If you are interested in playing, contact us immediately!  

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach                    Tim VanWye                   ksulax9@gmail.com                         

Format: Outdoor using National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) rules

Age: High School 9th - 12th graders 

2016 Renegades Season   (8-3)

 Date Time & Opponent Location Results
 3/10/16 Wichita Unified Crusaders vs Wichita 1 Renegade Glen Day Park, Wichita W 11-6
 3/23/16 Wichita 1 Renegade vs Andover United Vipers Glen Day Park, Wichita W 18-4
 4/5/16 Wichita 1 Renegade vs Wichita Unified Crusaders Glen Day Park, Wichita W 12-10
 4/10/16 10 am  W1 Renegade vs Lincoln Rampage Buell Stad/Omaha, NE L 11-9
  12:30 pm W1 Renegade vs Millard West  L 15-7
  3 pm  W1 Renegade vs W DesMoine Vall  L 11-3
 4/13/16 Andover United Vipers vs W1 Renegade Glen Day Park, Wichita W 16-3
 4/16/16 W1 Renegade vs Lee Summit West Kansas City L 19-3
 4/23/16 Jenks vs W1 Renegade (Jenks conceded) Stryker, Wichita W
 4/30/16 Republic vs W1 Renegade Stryker, Wichita W16-14
 5/1/16Little Rock vs W1 RenegadeStryker, Wichita W 17-5
 5/6/16 Championship  Crusaders vs Renegades Glen Day Park, Wichita W 14-7

2015 Renegades Season  (10-1)

 Date 2015 Time & Opponent Location Results
 March 7th 10:00   Renegades vs Shawnee Shawnee, OK W 12-3
   2:00    Renegades vs Edmond  W 14-13
 March 10th 7:00    Renegades vs Andover Glen Day Park W 17-1
April 14th 7:00   Crusaders vs Renegades Glen Day Park W 14-9
 March 27th 7:00   Andover vs Renegades  Hughes Metroplex W 19-0
 March 28th           Shawnee/Texoma vs Renegades  Stryker Soccer Complex 
            Shawnee/Texoma vs Crusaders  
       Shawnee/Texoma vs Andover  
 March 31st 7:00    Renegades vs Crusaders Glen Day Park W 16-6
 April 7th 7:00    Renegades vs Crusaders Glen Day Park W 6-1
 April 12th       
 April 17th 7:00    Andover vs Renegades  Hughes Metroplex W 18-3
 April 28th 7:00    Championship 2nd vs 3rd place Glen Day Park 
 May 1st 7:00   Championship Game  Glen Day Park WIN 16-6
 April 26th Renegades vs Capital City  W 19-16
  Renegades vs Edmond North  L 20-7